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to create an environment where creators can build their story on their road to success.


"with honest effort comes opportunity" my friend Dustin wrote in my completely empty sketchbook.  He began to challenge my artistic abilities by giving me words to draw - what ever came to mind - just draw.

Friday's lunch consisted of two creative geniuses and a student sharing the five sketches.  The goal was to create what came to mind when reading the words assigned for the week. And create it to the best of your ability.   This arrangement continued until the world shut down.  I was left with my mind and a creative drive.


"stay grounded while being in the sky.    only a lifetime to go."  


The experiences on Common Intellectual intended to better understand the why - learning why people do what they do, feel what they feel - to empower dreams and create for the world.      We all have a blank page. we have the opportunity to create.   creations tell a story.   we each have our unique experiences to voyage.


common intellectual creators.  tell that story of creators.

for the world. 


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